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According to the law of nature and attraction, any particule in this universe is a source of energy. Our emotions, mind, body, and spirit emit energy in the form of vibrations. Om is the magical vibration that stimulates all the senses and increases the level of self-awareness. It is a holy word that draws from each cell of the body a spiritual stream of positive lavender light. The vibrations produced by the quotation of ‘om’ align with the frequency of our higher selves, the creator’s most strong creation. The “om” pronunciation encompasses the sounds of three syllables, each of which has an everlasting meaning.The word OM itself is a very strong tone. The power resides inside us, and it allows us to find the hidden strength that exists inside us all. Let us see what are the benefits of chanting Om.

Benefits of Chanting Om

Om is the first sound of the universe; it is the wave created at the moment of the creation of the universe. According to Chandogy Upanishad, Om is Bhrahma, the eternal consciousness. When you meditate on OM, all the conflicts and inner chaos vanish. In Jainism, Om has a crucial place as the remover of all sins. Its nature holds the magic that will set your mind free from material conditioning. It’s not a word; it’s an intonation that goes beyond the barricades of age, race, and community. The mystical OM syllable consists of three words “AA” “AU” and “MA” while the tone of Aum is mixed. Traditionally, this ancient mantra is sung at the beginning or the end of a yoga session. It has a stronger connection to the body whether it is done everyday.

According to yoga and other scriptures, Om refers to three gunas (values):

  • A: tamas, it signifies darkness and ignorance (waking state)
  • U: rajas, it signifies passion, activity and dynamism (dream state)
  • M: sattva, it signifies purity, truth, and light (state of deep sleep)

Benefits of Chanting Om

Chanting Om is linked to all living things, to nature and to the cosmos. It has many physical effects as it speeds down the nervous system and soothes the mind. It relaxes the mind and lowers blood pressure, which increases the health of the heart. Learn more about the benefits of chanting om below.

How to chant Om?

One should sit cross-legged with the back, shoulders, and spine straight when chanting OM. Now shut your eyes and breathe heavily, and then breathe out slowly. Take a deep breath again, and resume chanting Om. Try it three times, and you’ll sense the pulse of the Om sound reverberating through every chantle cell of your body. Anyone will repeat a mantra like this. It’s both a tone and a sign that has a rich meaning. The three letters “AUM” represent the divine energies and have three major characteristics: creation, protection and emancipation. When we chant Om, we feel the pulse in our body, and the body is relaxed. The everyday OM chanting brings harmony to our spirit, body and soul. The yogis of ancient India understood the strength of this mantra, and they sang it day and night to communicate with their souls and to achieve redemption.

Benefits of Chanting Om

1. Improves concentration

Experts claim that when you chant Om, you remove yourself from the world. Keep all your concerns and tension aside and concentrate on your inner self and the word Om. Through daily practise of chanting Om, you tend to concentrate more on your inner self and the small Sanskrit word Om. This makes you alert and concentrated on everything you do, and increases your concentration levels.

2. Strengthens spinal cord

According to studies by a top yoga instructor, Om chanting has a major influence on the spinal cord. The waves produced while chanting reinforce the spinal cord. This must be achieved under proper supervision. Regular practise increases the efficacy of the spinal cord.


3. Sound sleep

Stress and stress impact your emotional health and lifestyle. Serving late for long hours and getting up late disturbs the body’s overall rhythm. To boost your sleep habits, you should perform Om chanting as it lets you get a good sleep and a healthier lifestyle. Chanting Om periodically allows you to change your sleep habits.

4. Reduces stress and anxiety

According to new psychiatric reports, chanting Om helps relieve tension. It is shown that chanting Om and meditating actually helps to relieve tension and anxiety. It makes you feel relaxed and energetic. Chanting Om regularly calms you down and gets you less depressed when doing some sort of job. Any person who performs Om chanting daily feels serene and devout from inside.

5. Detoxifies the body

The chanting of Om is a part of meditation. Regular meditation exercise leads to the enhancement of the body’s detoxification method. Meditation and chanting Om increases the circulation of blood and the delivery of oxygen to the body cells. You need to breathe heavily while you chant Om. This breathing mechanism lets you get rid of your body’s toxins. In ancient times, it was assumed that chanting Om preserved youthfulness and detoxified the body internally.

6. Removes negativity

Om will help you communicate with the Soul, look inward, quiet your thoughts, and balance your emotions. Your mind continues to clear when you chant. It controls frustration and increases empathy through kindness and tolerance. It produces a good sensation in the body that can add positivity to life.

7. Increases lung functionality

OM chanting is an effective exhalation practise. Studies of pulmonary function tests in daily Om chanters have shown that voluntary prolongation of expiration has strained the respiratory muscles to their maximum length. The lungs were able to function at their full ventilation capacity and used diaphragmatic and abdominal muscles more effectively.


8. Resonates high spiritual energy

Chanting Om raises the amount of internal good energies and generates a clean atmosphere that contributes to greater happiness, tolerance, harmony and positivity. This is because you have more control of your feelings, and you see things more plainly and rationally.

9. Connects us to the living

It binds us to all that is alive, from being to nature, to the cosmos. It induces a sense of oneness. The Om mantra is referred to in the Holy Scriptures as being the same as the divine consciousness. It is assumed that constant meditation contributes to profound enlightenment.


Om chanting will increase alertness even though you’re still comfortable and your mental awareness is growing. When you meditate, it makes you become more aware by bringing you profoundly in contact with the world by sight, sound, scent, taste and touch. It will raise your environmental consciousness. The sensation that happens when chanting Om activates the nerves in the body and affects the body and the brain. It relieves you from stress and depression. People’s lifestyle is changing day by day, leading to fatigue, anxiety, and depression. Late-night work and then waking up late in the morning disturbs the total body rhythm. You may boost sleep and wake up rhythm by Om humming daily. You can’t be certain that you’re going to fall asleep, so you’ve made sure you got enough sleep and sound.

Hope you have found all the information required about the benefits of chanting Om. You can find all such information about life education on our website. If you have any queries or questions, do let us know in the comment section below. We answer to all the questions and provide information only after thorough research from trusted sources. Send this to your friends and family and let them know the benefits of chanting Om.

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