Get to Know the Benefits of Learning to Swim in Life

Benefits of Learning to Swim

Being healthy and fit may seem to be a simple term but this means a lot for a healthy lifestyle for many people In today’s scenario many people fail to concentrate on their health. Doing regular exercise and having good food and adequate sleep are the most important instances that define a healthy lifestyle. Let see the Benefits of Learning to Swim in our life.

Swimming is one of the most popular sports It is an excellent activity that makes work out of your entire body. Swimming helps almost all the body parts to work out. There are many benefits while doing laps regularly. Swimming doesn’t concentrate only on the physical body but also balances the mental stress.

It is a healthy activity that can continue all through our lifetime. Which has many physical and health benefits? The below article defines the health benefits of swimming.

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Shapes your Body & Build Strength To Your Muscles

Swimming for an hour burns up to 500-600 calories per hour depending on how vigorously you make swimming. There are many studies that define eight weeks swimming program can actually increase 23% of the triceps muscles. However, it’s well worth it without gaining muscles it strengthens the muscles and tone of the muscles you will almost gain.

Crazy Fact: The freestyle swimmer can hold their breath up to 10 minutes while the normal human being can hold their breath for only 30 seconds to two minutes.

Full Body Workout

One of the biggest benefits is that it almost concentrates all the body parts from head to toe. During swimming.

  • Core: It gives you an entire body workout including the core.
  • Arms: for sure arms play a major role during swimming. So these muscles were used during the workout.
  • Glutes: Yes, sure when you move, your legs have to work out the great balance given by the gluteus to your legs
  • Back: These muscles get a workout whether you are doing water backstroke or any form of stroke.
  • Legs: The movement has happened only through the legs and arms. So, this makes a great workout.

There are 5 Types of Strokes in Swimming

  • break stroke
  • backstroke
  • Sidestroke
  • butterfly
  • freestyle

Crazy Fact:

The break stroke is the oldest type of swimming. When one person knows swimming and when they jump into the water body they make break stroke initially. So it is the oldest one.

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Benefits of Learning Swimming

Good for Asthma People

People with asthma is always preferred to make swimming in the humid environment of indoor pools. Not only breathing, but exercises associated with this sport will also help people to increase their lung capacity.

In some cases, swimming increases the risk for asthma because of the chemical used to treat the pools. Hence after consulting with the doctor the people with asthma are suggested to make swimming.

Treating With Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis (MS) (Is a long term disease that can affect the brain and spinal cord) swimming can reduce the pain of Multiple sclerosis. Water makes limbs buoyant helping to support them during exercises. People with MS are highly suffered from fatigue, numbness weakness, etc

Many people with MS find that water therapy is the easiest therapy because they find easier to stand in water than in dryland also there is a risk of injury due to a fall.

Alternatives for Injured Athletes

Athletes and other sportspeople used to be a fitness freak. But when they were injured they cannot maintain their fitness during an injury. Particularly when in lower extremities. Swimming helps them to stay in shape also this is because the muscles work hard during swimming without the stain or impact which is experienced on land.

Helps in Cardiorespiratory Fitness

The amount of blood pumped to the heart with each beat defines your heart strength. Hence this blood pumped to the heart is increased by 18% for the person who swims than the person who not. Also, oxygen consumption is increased by 10% due to swimming. There are many health benefits that happen due to swimming.

Crazy Fact:

  • Swimmers actually swim underwater.
  • Swimming is a meditation sport
  • Over 4 billion people all around the don’t know swimming.

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Other Health Benefits of learning to Swim

Gets Good Sleep

Swimming almost concentrates all the body muscles hence your body tires easily. This gives you better sleep at night many older persons suffer from insomnia (lack of sleep). They are always suggested to practice swimming this helps them to boost their sleep activity.

Changes In Your Confidence

It’s good to hear that endorphins released from water exercises not only improve mood but also it reduces anxiety and depression. Researchers evaluated that 12 weeks of the aquatic program can help people with dementia.

Reduce Summer Heat

Summer heat is the one everyone hates we will always look for something to reduce this heat. Why don’t swimming pools, beach?. It’s a great workout and the movements in the pools during the summer heat don’t want anyone of us to get out of the pools.

It’s a Family Event

The water activates is the only thing we can share with family too. At least one or two in the family almost faces obesity and sometimes inactive. The swimming pool activities can be shared and enjoyed by almost all the people of the family. It’s a fun activity that doesn’t resemble harder than any other aerobic exercises.

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Who Can Swim?

Almost all the age group peoples are suggested to swim. The interesting fact is that a baby who holds only 12 months can start learning to swim. Pregnant women can also swim some studies shows that no adverse effects on swimming in chlorinated water. In fact, pregnant women swim in the early stage of their mid-pregnancy can reduce the risk of preterm labor.

Should always keep in mind that some pregnant women may find some types of complications due to these activities. Always ask doctors for suggestions while starting any kind of activity during pregnancy to make it right and safe manner.

Equipment to Learn Swim Easily

  • Swimsuit
  • Goggles
  • Bathing caps
  • Floating boards
  • Pull buoys
  • Fins
  • Hand paddles
  • Gloves
  • Noodle
  • Jogger

There is not any compulsion of having all these equipment should be used during swimming but it is good to have all these for swimming

10 Things to Remembered While Swimming

  • It is always good to take swimming lessons while you are new to swimming
  • Don’t forget to drink water before swimming because you can easily dehydrate though you are inside the water.
  • Swim only in the areas that are designated for swimming like pools, roped off the section of lakes and other water bodies. It is safe to swim in a place where supervised by lifeguards.
  • Warm-up your muscles and joints before swimming
  • Don’t avoid bath caps if you are colored or dying your hair because almost all the pools are treated with chlorine so it ends up turning your hair green.
  • Have a light breakfast with more carbs before an hour of a swimming workout.
  • Wear life jackets and personal floatation devices (PFD) when you are new to swimming.
  • It is good to take a First aid course which helps you personally and also helpful for the people near to you.
  • Never run on the pool deck because it is a very slippery region that can cause injuries.
  • Children should be supervised during swimming this can be avoided drowning.


Usually, animals have the ability to swim by themselves without any practice. But Humans are not in that case they should practice, to swim with ease. A person sometimes gets fear of water even at the small water bodies if they don’t know swimming. It is a life skill like riding a bicycle once you learned you can do it although your lifetime.

Mastering this swimming skill at a young age can benefit from a prolonged time. They are many sports events in swimming which you can participate in. The famous sport Triathlons which is a combination of swimming, running and biking. It is one of the big events which are almost conducted all over the world.

Swimming makes you feel relaxed and stay fit. Water is a suitable way to enjoy some of the rides like water skiing, jet skiing, and surfing so to enjoy these rides swimming is an essential skill to be learned.

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