Top 7 Best Motivational and Inspirational Books to Read

In today’s world, everyone is struggling with some or the other mental issue. If you are one of those who also suffer from any mental issue, remember you are not alone. Whether you are dealing with self-doubts, anxiety, low self-confidence or just having an inspiring figure to look up to, we’re here for you. With aspirations, desires, dreams, results, and achievement occupying a big part of our minds, it is tiring to feel motivated every single day. These seven motivational books by some of the best writers will help you in trying days. These are some of the best motivational books to read. To know more, read on.

Best Motivational Books to Read

We can say that the relationship one has with themselves is the most important one of all. It is what defines your entire life. There is a lot of inspiration and motivation out there, but we are almost unable to find it when we need it the most. You can find inspiration in a person, music, art, websites or even books. They are just amazing when you find them. To help you a little, this post will give you a list of books that will definitely inspire you. The best part about them is, no matter what you believe in and no matter where you are in life, these books are for you. Out of all the book, we have read, we have listed the best motivational books to read for you. If you love reading or not, this will surely help you.

Best Motivational Books to Read

1. Zen and the Art of Happiness

Zen and the Art of happiness reminds of all the reason we learn, dream, compassion and self-worth. This is the English Translation of its Chinese version. The book cleverly and attractively persuades you to believe in the force of the World as it is based on the idea that “everything that happens is the best that can happen.” The book is small, readable and not preachy. The book is written by the renowned expert Chris Prentiss on I-Ching, the former Chinese topic. Chris is operating a California substance abuse treatment addiction centre. He writes in Chinese philosophy and addiction problems.

2. The Amazing Results of Positive Thinking

Positive Thinking’s impressive outcomes are a sequel to The Power of Positive Thinking. Peale’s hope of the human spirit’s ability to conquer obstacles and succeed is apparent in the novel. The argument is over whether the book’s anecdotes are true or fable, but it doesn’t matter. The stories demonstrate how the strength of positive thought is central to maintaining a good state of happiness. And the alternative definitely beats. I do not know of anyone who has experienced enduring happiness or prosperity by pessimistically looking at life. People teach us to control our inner voice that talks to us day long. That inner voice controls our mood, action and overall outlook of life. The more we can control that inner voice, the better the outcomes are. This is one of the Best motivational books to read for every student and professional who is looking to tame their wandering thoughts.

3. The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

This is certainly for you if you’re a big believer in God, in karma and in a spiritual way of living a better life! The first few chapters discuss improvements in health through prayer by turning to a subconscious mind. The book is far from scientific ways to preach and focuses on spiritual ways to take over your subconscious mind. All in all, if you are able to let your logical science go while reading the novel, this is inspiring.


4. The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari: A Fable About Fulfiling Your Dreams and Reaching Your Destiny

This is a fable that will definitely make you think about life, your aspirations, your ambitions and how your everyday routines will help you achieve these ambitions, as the title implies. The book is a fable about Julian Mantle, a leading lawyer with a crazy schedule and a set of priorities focused on wealth, strength and prestige. The tale is told by a companion of his, who admires the great success of Mantle and wishes to be like him. The seven virtues of enlightened learning are at the heart of the book and one at a time Mantle shows them. Now, although the book portrays them as genuine Himalayan virtues, the validity of the assertion is questionable.

5. Wings of Fire: An Autobiography of Abdul Kalam

Wings of Fire is APJ Abdul Kalam’s autograph covering his early life as well as his role in Indian space exploration and missile programmes. This is a tale of a humble boy who became a key player in Indian space exploration and Indian missile programmes, and later became India’s President. This book would certainly motivate you to do some real-life work and not beat around the bush if you are someone who looks for an excuse not to pursue their dreams and goals. This is one of the Best motivational books to read. 

6. The Power of Now

The core theme of the book is the importance of living in the present and loving the current moment of life. The author rightly points out that the past and the future are not as relevant for all practical purposes as the present time. The book is structured in the form of Q&A sessions and readers tend to be convinced about the influence of the present.


7. Small Move, Big Change

If you are someone who makes resolutions but often fails to follow them, read this book. In the absence of decisions, technology expert Caroline L. Arnold shows you how to improve your life with “compact and strong” resolutions, that “crawl a precise behavioural target exactly and bring benefits immediately.” The author is low-key and encouraged by a modest but meaningful approach, a compact commitment to overpowering. In simpler words, a sustainable act of willpower, working from the edge of the issue to the heart of any matter.

We hope you have found the best motivational books to read in this article. If you have read any other book that has inspired you, do share it with us and everybody reading this by dropping a message below. If you like the content of this post, do follow us on our YouTube Channel.

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