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Colleges are the places for taking up our knowledge to the next level. College times help us to improve our skills, knowledge, and qualification. Are college students are utilizing their time to do those pieces of stuff? That might go to a different topic. Elan musk used to say colleges are for fun, every they offer can be learned from the internet; I disagree with Mr. Musk because we can’t blame the pot maker for poor clay. I accept academics are less supportive and the system needs an update, but apart from all lame excuses what is the participation of students? Let see more details about college lives and a list of Colleges in Salem. (சேலத்தில் உள்ள சிறந்த பொறியல் கல்லூரிகள் )

Colleges in Salem

Zero or maybe in single-digit percentages. I am not complaining about everyone but also we need to accept all of the students are not utilizing their college times. School days pass on our childhood period but in college, we used to transform from a kid to an adult. We are on our own, independent, Liberal also under easy availability of resources and technologies. We can involve and do whatever we like and whatever we perceive.

The Fun Part in College Days

Colleges also have cool stuff like enjoyment, parties, and ragging. You may think ragging is not cool but it gives confidence and courage also bullying are different from ragging. And both are punishable offenses. Sports, cultural events, symposiums, seminars, libraries, and hostel time are the most entertaining times of the college hood.

There are more good time and good memories are ahead in college so grab it as much as you can. Now I am going to list the colleges in Salem and it will be a mixture of all departments like Engineering, Medicine, Arts, Science also literature. Let’s move on to the list.

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Engineering Colleges in Salem | சேலத்தில் உள்ள சிறந்த பொறியல் கல்லூரிகள்

  1. Vinayaka Mission’s Research Foundation
  2. Sona College of Technology
  3. Sowdeswari College
  4. Government College of Engineering (GCE)
  5. AVS Engineering College
  6. The Kevery Engineering College
  7. Ganesh College of Engineering
  8. Knowledge Institute of Technology
  9. Green-Tech College of Engineering.
  10. Periyar University
  11. Annapoorna Engineering College
  12. Crist the King institute of Technology Salem
  13. Dhiraj lal College of Technology
  14. Mahindra College of Engineering
  15. Narasu’s Sarathy Institute of Technology
  16. SR S College of Engineering and Technology
  17. Salem College of Engineering and Technology
  18. Shree Sathyam College of Engineering and Technology.
  19. Sri Sanmuga College of Engineering and Technology

Medical Colleges in Salem

  1. Mohan Kumaramangalam Medical College
  2. Arupadi Veedu Medical College hospital
  3. Periyar University
  4. Annapoorna Medical College and Hospital
  5. Government College of Nursing, Mohan Kumaramangalam Campus.
  6. Kamala College of Medical Science Salem
  7. Shanmuga School of Nursing
  8. Shivaraj College of Homeopathic Nursing
  9. Vivekananda School of Nursing Salem
  10. V S education Trust School of Nursing
  11. Sri Gokulam College of Nursing
  12. Sri Gokulam College of Pharmaceutical Science Salem
  13. V S Educational Trust School of Nursing
  14. Sri Gokulam Institute of Paramedical Science Salem.

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Arts & Science Colleges in Salem

  1. Aringar Anna Government Arts College
  2. JKKN College of Arts and Science
  3. Periyar University
  4. Annai Teresa Institute of Science
  5. Gem Gates Arts and Science College
  6. Government Arts College – Coeducation
  7. Jai Ram Arts and Sciences College Salem
  8. Paavendar College of Arts and Sciences
  9. Sri Bala Murugan Arts and Science College
  10. Sri Ganesh College of Arts and Science Salem

Other Colleges in Salem

  1. C P C L Polytechnic College
  2. Central Law College
  3. Faculty of Allied Health Science
  4. Mahindra College of Polytechnic
  5. Ann Fischer Memorial Training Institute for Special Education
  6. Murugappa Polytechnic College Salem
  7. Raja Gopal Polytechnic College
  8. Salem Institute for Mentally Challenged
  9. VYSYA Institute of Management Studies
  10. VSA Educational and Charitable Trust Group of Institution
  11. Bonnie White College of Nursing Salem
  12. The Salem Co-Operative Sugar Mill Polytechnic College

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Women’s Colleges in Salem

  1. Ari Saratha College for Women
  2. Bharathiyar College of Arts and Science for Women
  3. Bharathiyar College of Engineering Women
  4. Government Arts College for Women Salem
  5. Padmavati College of Arts and Science for Women
  6. Rabindranath Tagore College of Engineering for Women
  7. The Rabindranath Tagore College of Arts and Science for Women
  8. Rabindranath Tagore College of Nursing For Women
  9. Shri Bhavani School of Nursing for Women
  10. Sri Sakthi Kailash College of Women

The above is the total list of engineering colleges, medical colleges, arts and science colleges, nursing institute, and business management institutes.

About Salem City, Tamil Nadu

Salem is one of the busiest cities of Tamil Nadu, which was educationally backward someday before 90’s now this city became one of the important education hubs of the state.

Some colleges like Central Law College and Government College of Engineering are prestigious colleges in India. Bar Council of India BCI approved the Central law college and it was affiliated by Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Law, Chennai. Many colleges in Salem are offering the courses from under graduation level to doctorate level, universities like Periyar University and Vivekanantha mission are also providing distant education facilities.

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How to Choose the College

There are a huge number of educational institutions and colleges are located in Salem but the problem is choosing the best one. You can choose the best college by doing a few types of research also by reading the blog of particular colleges but the government offers you a webpage called Study Guide India. On that page, you can know the worth and scope of the particular college or the colleges in your locality.

College Atmosphere

Salem has a good environment to study, it is quite hot also windy. You can expect rain from August to November and sustainable temperatures in winter.

Environment of College

Cities are a good place to study because you can get all available resources and technologies easily. Frequent transportation and good communication lines are added advantages.

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Here comes to the end of the article, the above-mentioned content is true to my knowledge and I hope this article will help you a lot. Thank you for reading this to the end. Choose a good course and college and utilize your college days wisely. Have a good day, stay safe, and stay blessed. All the best for your future.

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