Computer Courses Basic: Computer Courses Based On Your Interest

Computers ruling the current day world, without the computer nothing, will run. The computer implements its power in various fields like engineering, medicine, accounting, and agriculture. Among those fields, engineering is completely under the control of the computer. The computer is one of the technologies of engineering but the computer used the technology to overwrite technology. The computer meets updates at the rate of seconds. Various researches are going on daily, millions of hands are working for that. Let have a look over the Computer Courses Basic and it’s course details for all the students.

To the fact, the mobile phone that you have today is a powerful computer than the first computer that went to the moon. Your day starts with a computer and ends with a computer. The computer’s invention the story is known by all but what wonders are within a century the room-sized computer is turned into a pocket-size. Think about the update in the following years.

Not only software, but the update is also happening at the hardware level. The only field which was evergreen, which is evergreen and which will be evergreen is the computer. In India, there are around two lakhs undergraduates are coming out to the computer field. To develop a computer you may need electronics, networking, communication, programming, and mathematical skill.

The End of This Computer era

Have you ever think about how this computer era will end? Or when will the human stops learn the computer?

To answer the question, the computer era will end when the human develops a technology which is far better than a computer. That is possible but to create a new thing you need the present thing. The answer to the first question is also applicable to the second question as a part. The human will stop learning computers when the computer started to update itself which means when a computer started solving the bugs on its own and updating its version on its own.

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When that day comes our world will reach the peak of artificial intelligence and there will be huge unemployment occurs. Then the human will stop learning computer. If that happens robotics and AI started ruling the world. I hope the ex machine kind of thing will occur that day.

Computer Courses Based on the Interest

There are many numbers of the field which needs extreme computer assistance and I will tell about the fields and the courses that you can learn regarding that field.

Computer Courses For – Communication Engineering

It is one of the branches of engineering but along with communication students may study electronics. But Networking plays a huge part in the communication field.

Along with networking students may need to learn oops concepts.

Computer Courses Basic for Software Engineering

Software Engineering plays a huge part in the modern-day update. Programming languages plays a huge part in software engineering. The interesting and required language courses need to study are.

  • C, C++, Java, Javascript, Python, PHP, swift, Katalin, Ruby, and Docker. Learn these languages along with the respective framework. All these languages are for building android, Mac, and Windows software.
  • C language is used to write the Operating system.
  • C++ is for writing complex programs and it helps to execute at a better speed.
  • Java is for Android applications.
  • Python and PHP are for the back end web application development. Python scripts are easy to learn but the execution time is less.
  • Swift is used to developing the IOS and Mac OS applications.
  • Katalin, Ruby, and Docker are all the advanced versions of the above languages.
  • HTML is the basic thing which is also used for web designing.

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Apart from all those stuff worlds entering into the new dimension of computing called Artificial Intelligence. For that, you may need a machine learning skill. Penetration testing and ethical hacking is another interesting thing in software engineering. Game designing, Data engineering, data scientists, and developers are the best jobs you can choose after learning those things.

Design Engineering – Computer Courses

Designing is a part of the engineering that is needed for construction and manufacturing projects. In the construction, field design is required for planning, layout designing, structural designing, and estimation. In the manufacturing, field design requires modeling and planning.

  • Software like CADD, Revit, Etabs, solids, Tecla, Ansys, STAAD pro, and planes. These are all the needed courses in the design field.
  • CADD, Solids, and Planes are layout designing and model designing software.
  • Tesla, STAAD pro, and Ansys are BIM software which is all used for structural designing.
  • Revit is a 3-dimensional modeling software, which is used by architects.

Visual Media – Computer Courses

Visual media mostly depends on computers because movies and web series need lots of visual effects, animation, and computer graphics. Cinematography and photography depend mostly on computer works. Also editing, dubbing, and sound mixing needs computer software.

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3DS MAX, Adobe, Adobe after effects, Sony Vegas pro, fotor, Ajax, and filmora are the needed computer courses to learn if you choose visual media as your profession.

For editing, sound mixing, and dubbing there are lots of Android mobile apps available on Google play store. Which is easier to use and effective to play. That software is high end so it requires more graphics and ram for rendering. To be a master in that you have to gain hardware knowledge.


For accounting and do calculations computer is much needed to do the calculations. There are more computer software courses available for accounting and auditing. Such courses need time to learn but easy to use.

Xero, Financial Edge NXT, QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise, Sage Intacct, QuickBooks Desktop Pro, QuickBooks Online, Wave Accounting, FreshBooks, and QuickBooks Desktop Premier, and tally. Most of them not aware of those courses because of their lack of awareness.

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For those courses, you don’t need to study the coaching centers or study centers. Those costs a huge amount of money. The easiest source and less fee learning can be done on the internet. Many websites like Udemy, stack overflow, and w3schools are providing such courses.

Here comes the end of the Computer Courses Basic article, I hope it will be useful for you all. Thank you for reading it and have a nice day, stay happy, and stay blessed.

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