How to Improve Handwriting Skills : Exercises to Improve Your Handwriting

Handwriting is very important for every individual. It helps is all places where writing is important. Be it exams, notes, etc. While taking notes, you need to be sure your handwriting is readable. This will help you in future. Also, handwriting is very important in exams. We are not saying that you get extra marks for your handwriting. But, you need to understand, the evaluator does not have all day to check one paper. They need to finish it in a few minutes. So if you have good handwriting, it is easier for them to read and will correct your paper with a peaceful mind. If your handwriting is bad, they will get frustrated reading your paper. So if you have bad handwriting, you need to practice some Exercises to Improve Handwriting Skills.

Exercises to Improve Handwriting Skills

Of course, handwriting is also important in various careers. When you have to prepare reference notes, reports, documents, etc., you are expected to have handwriting that is legible. Even if your job does not require you to write, bosses might still be observant about your handwriting. Handwriting can say a lot about a person. Handwriting reading experts can know your nature and personality by just looking at your writing.

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Styles of Handwriting

There are numerous handwriting styles available for you to pick from. Schools in India, have been following the most common handwriting style to teach their students namely- Roman and Cursive handwriting. Talking more about cursive writing, this is one of the attractive styles to be used. Also, it is extremely easy to catch up with and this is the major reason behind most of the schools preferring cursive handwriting to teach to their students.

However, restricting oneself with a particular style of handwriting isn’t very much appreciated. Some of the most popular handwriting styles that are fun to learn are- Zaner Bloser Continuous Stroke, Modern Manuscript and Cursive (D’Nealian), Peterson Handwriting and much more.

Ways to Make Our Handwriting Better

Listed below are some of the most efficient ways to improve the handwriting skills at the earliest. Follow these exercises to see faster results. Start practising by writing each alphabet separately. Follow an equal distance and shape, this will help you to write your letter separately in equal spacing with precise shapes in order to improve your handwriting.

  • Cursive writing is one of the most attractive writing styles, it will make your handwriting look better than ever before. However, this will be requiring a lot of patience.
  • Prefer a scrub nib, this will help you form better shapes of the alphabets.
  • Proper alignment is required for good handwriting. Follow a writing pattern, this will help you write the entire sentence in a straight line.
  • Handwriting is primarily about the presentation, therefore, to represent your handwriting attractively, prefer using a different set of colours for headings, sub-heading and the bullet points.
  • Start practising in an A4 size paper, ensure covering 17 lines per sheet. This will help you understand the spacing required between each sentence and lines. Avoid writing more than 17 lines, as it will make your handwriting look clumsy.
  • Avoid writing each of the sentences using bold. Only the first letter of the sentence is supposed to be written in bold.
  • Bullet points are highly recommended when compared to the paragraph writing style. As this will help you summarize the topics in an organized manner.
  • Practice a few easy Exercises to Improve Handwriting Skills

Exercises to Improve Your Handwriting Skills Easily

“Practice makes a man perfect”, this phrase suits in each of the life circumstances which includes improving the handwriting skills. Expecting things without working hard is next to impossible, you will have to work hard in order to accomplish your goals. Set a time table for self, include 30-60 mins of handwriting practice session in your schedule. By following a constant routine, you will be able to see improvements within a short span of time. Be patient and work hard are the key skills required when you wish to improve handwriting.

3 Exercises to Improve Handwriting Skills

However, while practising, the very first step that you need to consider is the shapes of the letters, you will have to understand the curves and lines used in each of the alphabets as each one of them differs. For better understanding and practice, buying a handwriting book would be a great option. Understanding the shapes and curves would be a time-consuming process, however, it is definitely worth it as it helps you clear the major step of improving the handwriting.

The second thing that you must consider is to ensure practising in a 4 lined notebook, it will help you maintain the spacing and size of the alphabets. Minimum of 15 days of practice is required for the same.

Once you are satisfied with the results of your handwriting when it comes to shaping and in 4 lines notebook. The final step for you is to begin practising in a 2 line notebook for a month or two. Post 2 months of your hard work, you will surely be mesmerized by looking at the improvement of your handwriting.

Using 4 lined and 2 lined notebooks give the proper spacing and alignment for your letters, words, and sentences.

Handwriting is an art and to ace at this art you will have to practice and only practice. However, besides practice, the brand of the pen plays a major role in improvising the style. Prefer using a high-quality brand of the pen for impressive results.

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Handwriting defines the personality of the person, therefore, working hard towards the improvement of the handwriting is essential. Follow these methods to see a positive outcome in a short period. The basics are all same for other languages but letters are the matter. So these are all the methods to improve your handwriting skills.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which pen is the best for writing fast?
A. Ballpoint pens. They are the cheapest and the easiest to use. But you need to use a little more pressure. Fountain and rollerball pens allow you to write faster as they require less pressure.

2. Who has the most beautiful handwriting?
A. Prakriti Malla. She is a student of the 8th standard in Nepal. She has the world’s most beautiful handwriting in the world. The girl had no idea about it until one single page of hers went viral throughout the world on various social media pages.

3. What handwriting should I use in exams?
A. Cursive handwriting is the best for exams. It facilitates speedy writing and looks very neat. Fast and neat writing can aid in scoring higher marks in the exam.

4. Is handwriting genetic?
A. No. Handwriting is not genetic. It is developed over time with physical and mental characteristics. There is no genetic influence on handwriting.

5. What is bad handwriting called?
A. Bad handwriting is called cacography. This term is defined as bad handwriting and used for someone who has poor penmanship.

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