Extracurricular Activities : Extracurricular Activities in School

School days are the golden days of anyone’s life. That was a time which is pure we live as like as we. And we were out of cruelty and vulgarity that time. Many memorable things and some hard things which will not out our mood but makes our lips expand. Yes smile factor, we had many crushes and first love called puppy love which inspires us most. Homework, tests, tuition, special classes will hurt us but we won’t care about at all. It’s a breezy thing, sometimes my spine used to get chilled while I think about my school time. Let see about some worthy Extracurricular Activities to develop.

Importance of Extracurricular Activities

These feelings everyone has it but sometimes we used to feel; if I did this when I was a child I will be in a better position. Yes out of box thinking, out of textbook thinking actually. My school life was not like 13 Reasons why it was more like a Manirathinam film. I accept my test papers and report cards might increase my father’s BP but speak on extracurricular activities, I only have blank pages. I am not a sports or dance person but I wanted to be.
Many people’s life became wonder because of their extracurricular activities, some might lost their life but now I am going to discuss the pleasant one.

Extracurricular Activities

Like a happy ending comes by the happy beginning. When I speak to my friends on these days we have a question with no answer. Why we wasted our schoolings. The maximum thing that I did was cycling that’s too at some occasions only. Face book ruined my schoolings in a pleasant way. But apart from studies I am zero and I am zero in studies too but that’s a different matter.

Now I am going to tell the best extracurricular activities which can be done in school days. You might be a school kid or a parent, that doesn’t matter. If you are a school going kid, try to do this. If you are a parent, then ask your kids to do this. Don’t compel them just create an idea in their mind. If you create anything apart from textbook they will listen and they will work on it. But one thing for sure, you will feel better about this when you become as an adult. So read it fully.

Extracurricular Activities.

The first thing that you have to understand is I am going to speak about a thing which is not in the textbook. I will speak about studies but not your day to day school education.


Sports gives fitness and discipline, everyone knows that but one more thing is there. Focus, sports helps to set a goal and it gives inspiration. Every sport is a good sport and every sport teaches you one thing that is to fight. It is a great lesson everyone has to fight for their goals. I realized it in my first year of college. And later I joined in sports but everything from the beginning is much better than half-boiled one.
Speaking about sports there are many things like soccer, cricket, badminton, basketball. You don’t have to be an MS Dhoni in it but you can do better.


Book reading habit is a great thing for school students. If matters when you start, once you started then you can’t ignore it. I do not matter what book you read but one thing is important that you have to read. Novels are easy for beginners; some creative students will read a brief history of times. For boys; you can start with some comics and hot book too.

It is like a slow poison which kills you by its creativity. Fictional books will also work but I prefer crime novels for beginners. If you read the biography in the beginning then you won’t need anything after that. So try reading books today. And start it now itself, go grab one.


It will not work to all but if you are a book addict then you can write your own book even though you are a kid. You can write plays, poetries, ideas, etc.


Singing is also a good thing but it also will not work for everyone. If singing will not work on you the come to another parallel world called music.

Music also an addictive one, first it asks you to hear it then it makes you learn it.


Painting is cool stuff even cartooning also but you need a creative mind for that with paint and brush.

Gaming & Computer

Who don’t like good games? Even my grandfather used to play computer games. It is also addictive but I am not speaking about playing games. One thing is more important than playing a game. You have to design it. You can be a little game designer. What you need is a small amount of creativity and some programming works. It is easy to learn to program and it is freely available on the internet. If you learn at least 3 languages when you are kid then you will become a master of information technology when you are grown.

Another one easy and fine extracurricular activity is there and it is called eating. Actually not eating fully but it is like cooking. If you started to cook food then nothing needed in your life. No need for marriage, no need for education and even there is no need for a job. You can make your own restaurant and live your life happily ever after.
But cooking is the serious stuff not for you but for the person who eats the food that you cooked.

That’s all guys, here is the end of the story, I know there is something more and I can tell that but it will make you boar and bad. At least try to do one thing then your rest of life will be better. Don’t waste your schooling, utilize it, learn from it and enjoy it. Hope you all enjoyed this article and thank you for reading this.

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