Govt. Jobs Vs Private Jobs | Why Everyone Seeking Government Jobs?

Job is the primary need of each and every human being but it is an exceptional thing for the citizens of European countries like Sweden, Norway because their country itself providing some money for their citizens. Sounds great right? Does anybody think about getting a green card on those countries? Don’t feel guilty, it’s human nature. If anybody gives money for free to me, I am sure I’ll go with them. I said in that in a single meaning, don’t under judge me. Those countries giving money to their citizens because they are low populated.

Govt. Jobs Vs Private Jobs

Think about what if the Indian government gives money to its citizens? The answer is simple, our government will definitely shut down within a year. I don’t know how our Prime minister said that he will add 15 lakh rupees on every citizen’s Bank account. I hope that is definitely an impossible thing because if you a government gives more money to their citizens for free then the currency value of that country will go low.

Why Everyone Seeking Government Jobs?

Many of the Indian’s mentality will say Government jobs are perfect to settle in life. Do you guys ever think why it is much needed? Yes, even though it is average paid job with high responsibility everyone prefers government jobs.
Most of the private organizations providing high salary than government sectors with PF, ESI and some other benefits but an average human only go for government jobs. I think they are mentally submerged into that. Do you guys know one thing? In South India minimum eligibility to marry a girl is to work in government jobs. Really it sucks. I am not saying this because I don’t get the government job. Every job or work has its own challenges and difficulties. No one will give you the money for free.

Govt. Jobs in India:

Most of the people are thinking government jobs are stress-free and easy to corrupt and earn more money. Mount Everest will look beautiful when you see it in the photos but it killed many mountain climbers like that you can’t easily bribe and earn more money in the government jobs and please understand it is very much responsible thing.
Let me tell you a story, once there was a neighbor to my grandmother’s house and he was a school teacher. True to my knowledge he is a good man but he hates his job because it is a private job but he earns more than 50K as salary alone and he used to give private teaching to engineering students basically he is a math teacher. Not only him, but even his entire family also wants him to be in a government job.

Highest Paying Government Jobs in India

So he gave nearly 10 lakh rupees to one state government minister and got a job as a government higher secondary school teacher. You know what karma won’t leave you happy. Yes after a year he partly goes to the school and started his private teaching as full time. Now he is earning 40K in his job and nearly 25K In his private teaching. Your higher officials will not let you happy when you are happier than them. He got an inquiry for not attending the school properly. And he got suspended. Everything went bad, even his name got ruined so most of his students from private teaching left from him.

This is common for all government jobs in India. You know one thing if you got a single black mark in the government sector then you have to forget your promotions and other offers. So this is the thing that you guys have to understand while joining government jobs, dedicate your self because it is a highly responsible thing and many people are believing you. And this is the moral of the story too. Know your responsibility.

Govt. Jobs Vs Private Jobs

Government Jobs Private Jobs
Highly Responsible Jobs Responsibility is Comparatively Less
Average Salary Salary – Depend on Your Work
Low Work Tension Workers will Suffer from Stress
Employees Have Less Update Regarding Their Work Employees Have the Chances of Getting More Update
Settlement of Life is Easily Achieved The settlement is Achieved only if you Get Permanent in Your Post
Employees are not Eligible for Certain Government Schemes Employees are Eligible for all the Schemes given by the Government
They Will Get Retirement After Their Service Only Certain High-grade Employees can have their Retirement
All of them has Some Work Timings. Only certain Private Employees have Work Timings.

Ideas of the people will change, at that time I hope everyone will look at private jobs. My grandpa said, in the year of 1955 no one will go for government jobs because at that time people can earn more than the salary given by the government. He is a retired VAO but his educational qualification is just SSLC. Seriously guys, now doctorate candidates are applying for that post. As I said before, time will change.

Think practically guys our county’s population is 110 crores, how can a government give jobs to all of his citizens? Graduates have to think first on it. These are all ok some time funny things will happen. Chennai high court once said in the case of government teachers salary increment. There were 23 doctorate candidates are applied for local corporation works.

Things That Government Do

The government has to set the law on non-government works. All permanent private employees have to enjoy the benefits like a government employee with respect to their job.

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Some of the private organizations are gaining more work and providing less salary to their employees. So the government has to set a board to regulate the working time of the workers. Temporary employees have to be permanent in a period of 6 months or 1 year. Increments have to give once a year.

If the government set strict laws on non-governmental organizations then equality will bloom in society. Don’t think I am saying this because I don’t get a government job, it’s just an idea. Don’t look at government jobs if you have talent make your own company. Think about it.

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