High Salary Jobs in India : Highest Paying Government Jobs in India

Previously in India each and every day there are many numbers of candidates applying job for the government jobs. But nowadays many youngsters have started to prefer private jobs instead of giving preference to government jobs because of the high salary amount they are giving. Still, the craze for getting the government job did not get low. The main reason many of us prefer to work in the government job is due to two important reasons which are job security and having the ability to manage work life when you are an employee in a government institution.

high pay jobs in india

In this article, we have a brief discussion about the best and high paying government job opportunities in India. Also, the amount mentioned for each job is just beginner level one as you get promotions you can expect to get much higher pay. Let’s take a look at them.

Lectures in Govt Colleges – 40,000 ₹

Teaching jobs are considered as the best job because of the reason by teaching others you can be able to boost your knowledge and also this job will give you a vacation leave for each year. The salary mentioned is the most basic salary for teaching professional. Based on your job title your salary will be higher. Apart from the regular salary, there are many other benefits also in the job.

Salary : Rs.40,000/Month

State Service Commissions – 45,000 ₹

UPSC exams is also a need for the ones who are looking to get a job in State service commission. These officers are considered to hold great power as similar to the grade A officers. IAS officers have to work with both the centre and the state. But unlike IAS officers state service commission officers only have to manage the affairs of their respective states.

Salary : Rs.45,000/Month

IAS and IPS – 50,000 ₹

IAS and IPS posts are the most respected job in India. It is also the most preferred option by the candidates who attend UPSC exams. These officers are the most important one who manages the welfare of our nation. Also, they get many benefits apart from salary which includes the living costs like this many others. Though the feel of serving our country is a very important reason why many people prefer to go to this job.

Salary : Rs.50,000/Month

PSU – 52,000 ₹

The graduates who don’t like the lifestyle in the corporate companies often give preference to the PSU. Because of the job security and the salary of Public Sector Undertakings are giving. The best possible way to get a job with the PSU is by clearing the GATE exams. Salary structure might vary from place to place based on the location you are working. Also, there are many other perks in this job.

Salary : Rs.52,000/Month

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Indian Forest Services – 52,000 ₹

There are many people out there who prefer the IFS job in order to get away from this city life. Because of the reason, they are nature lovers who get a chance to experience the best things about nature if you are also one it is better to choose a job of your liking. In order to get this job, you need to clear the UPSC exams. Your life will be an adventurous one with living in the beauty of nature.

Salary : Rs.52,000/Month

Defense Services – 55,000 ₹

This job is full of risks and adventures which is why the salary is higher than any other jobs. Though this job is a riskier one that doesn’t give enough reason to many people to stop trying for this job. Apart from salary, there are many perks involved in being a defense service officer like transport allowance, good accommodation, and many others. The pay for this job varies from place to place.

Salary : Rs.55,000/Month

Scientists – 60,000 ₹

Youngsters who have graduated the degree and have a large amount of interest in the research and development can apply for the job in DRDO and ISRO in order to get a chance of taking part in the growth story of India. Working in this organization will give you a chance to earn respect in society and at the same time, you can earn a huge amount of salary and many other benefits too.

Salary : Rs.60,000/Month

RBI Grade B – 65,000 ₹

Reserve Bank of India is considered as the best banking services among others which are available in India. Getting a job in the RBI Grade B is the best way and job to start your banking career which will have higher chances in later times when you are trying to get a promotion. Aside from salary, they will give you a tour allowance of 1 lakh ₹ for every two years. Also, there are many other benefits in being an RBI Grade B officer.

Salary : Rs.65,000/Month

ASO in Ministry of External Affairs – 70,000 ₹

The job selection for this work is held through the SSC CGL exams. Also, ASO in MEA is considered as the grade B post who holds the next rank of power from the IAS and IPS officers. When you are in this job you will get a higher chance of getting a posting in foreign countries. Which is why passing the foreign language proficiency test is an essential one if you are looking for a job in this sector.

Salary : Rs.70,000/Month

Indian Foreign Services – 1.5 Lakh ₹

Indian Foreign Service (IFS) officers are selected with the help of Civil Service exams which is conducted by the UPSC exam. These officers represent our country in a foreign nation. If you got lucky enough to get this job then it is like a tour for you because of the reason that IFS officers spend more than half of their career in the foreign nation in order to represent our country. When you are in this job you can also avail the offer of getting the extra salary for living expenses from the foreign countries.

Salary : Rs.1,50,000/Month

These are the top 10 highest paying government jobs from India. Best of luck for you guys to get a chance in one of the above sectors. Also, share this content with your friends and family so that they can also succeed in their life. If you do have any questions regarding the post you are welcome to join in the comment section below.

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