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March is here, and many are looking forward to the Holi Festival. As per the calendar, this festival will begin on 28 March and end on 29 March in the year 2021. It’s a very exciting time, particularly for young children. The Holi festival signals the beginning of the spring season and the conclusion of the winter. According to Indian rituals and beliefs, the Holi festival is celebrated with water, balloons and colours. However, thanks to increased awareness in recent years, people have noticed some of the health risks posed by toxic chemicals used during the festival. It is therefore easier to relax and have fun in an environmentally friendly way. So, let us understand how to celebrate eco friendly holi this year and for all the coming years.

How to Celebrate Eco Friendly Holi

Holi Festival is all about having fun, celebrating with family and friends. Holi is incomplete without colour, tasty food and Holi songs. Applying colours and splashing water is the core of this festival. The colours are the emblem of innocence, devotion, and vitality. Hazardous Holi goods and dried chemical paints cause environmental deterioration. Besides destroying your skin, hair, and eyes, artificial paints are toxic to nature. This year’s dedication to conserve humanity and the environment is to mark an eco-friendly Holi. You can have limitless fun with a few easy tips. These tips will help you understand and answer all your questions on how to celebrate eco friendly holi.

How to Celebrate Eco Friendly Holi

1. Play with natural colors

Sandalwood, turmeric and henna are some of the ingredients found in your kitchen that can be used for homemade paints. These ingredients are wonderful for the eyes, they also add jasmine, marigold, beetroot and roses to the beauty quotient. Natural colours are also present on the market, just add them to your Holi shopping list if you don’t have time to plan colours. They are easy to wash, soft on the skin, and smell amazing. Spring petals and saffron can be used to produce amazing aromatic colours.

2. Play dry holi

Celebrating a full dry Holi may not be feasible, but it may be important to determine ahead how much water you want to use and to conserve water for a better reason. Many cities around the country face water shortages, and water is precious and swept away during Holi. You can conveniently opt to enjoy a dry Holi with organic colours.

3. Light diyas for Holika Dahan

Burning Holika marks the victory of good over bad. On the eve of Holi, people are gathering broken furniture, timber, etc. to burn Holika. This bonfire is the triumph of good over evil and is a tradition in northern India. After sunset, the pyre is illuminated with people singing and dancing around it. Apart from wasting wood, Bonfire often contributes to waste. Many trees can be protected by opting for environmentally sustainable means, such as lighting diyas.

4. Save money and conserve nature by using recyclable items

The use of recyclable objects is a safer choice than the use of one-time objects. Pichkaris and water guns can be conveniently retained for the next year. Recycling decreases the harmful effects on the environment by reducing the need for raw materials.


5. Community celebrations

Celebrating Holi at a chosen venue makes the house tidy and eliminates the loss of electricity. It keeps spending from going overboard by carefully preparing the case. Also, only those sites will witness the real spirit of this social festival. The group assembly and the exchanging of presents ends the festival of colours with much enthusiasm and fervour.

6. Avoid use of water balloons

Water balloons that give rise to a risk of injuries should be shed to keep the festival healthy. This products are made of material that is most harmful to the environment. Limiting the use of plastics is the main priority of biodiversity conservation.

7. Use flowers

Flowers are the most beautiful way to celebrate Holi. The festival also means passion, making it the perfect place to celebrate with roses. Most notably, take the right precaution to dump them in the dustbin after the festivities are finished.

8. Spread awareness

Not only can you play the eco-friendly Holi yourself, but also inspire your mates to follow those safe activities. The more people who join the project, the better it is for nature.

9. Tilak Holi

It’s the best way to celebrate the holiday, in reality Tilak Holi’s age-old tradition is to greet the elderly in the household. In the morning of the festival, younger participants touch the feet of the elders who, in turn, placed a tilak on their foreheads.

10. Special delicacies

Holi’s celebration demands the finest traditional Holi food and the list of Holi delicacies in India is never-ending. You’ve got Gujiyas, Malpuas, and then you’ve got to have the festival. These mouth-watering ingredients bring flavour to your eco-friendly celebration. A 20-minute stroll in the morning would be all right to conquer the shame of violating the eating schedule.

11. Avoid using irrelevant products

This Holi stop using something that may be generous to anyone only in the interest of pleasure. Do not use toxic products such as oil paint, petrol, mud or other chemical-based products during the Holi festivities. These goods can pose significant health risks and are not important to the theme of the festival. Make the festival of colours more memorable by adopting safety tips and making a vow to preserve biodiversity by being eco-friendly.


12. Make sure to clean up behind you

This Holi takes responsibility, and after the fun session is done, gather all the people around you to clean up the mess you’ve made. You may also visit any NGO or civic organisation that drives around the beaches, suburbs or only the streets.

13. Protect animals

People involve animals in many festivals and celebrations. Yeah, Holi Festival is fun, but you don’t have to be too enthusiastic to cross your boundaries. The applying of colours on animals and the spraying of water on them is not needed at all. We should love animals, but keep away from harmful acts and have an animal-friendly Holi celebration.

We should enjoy the Holi Season, bearing in mind the spirit of the festival. Holi’s all about the victory of good over bad. Buy candy from reputed shops only like many retailers market adulterated sweets on Holi’s occasion. It is equally important to uphold tradition and to preserve the climate. Celebrate the eco-friendly approach to see the results for yourself. You’re going to love and have a wonderful time with families, relatives and friends. Keep well, safe and happy on this lovely day!

Hope you have found all the information required about How to Celebrate Eco Friendly Holi. You can find all such information about life education on our website. If you have any queries or questions, do let us know in the comment section below. We answer to all the questions and provide information only after thorough research from trusted sources. Send this article to friends and family and let them know How to Celebrate Eco Friendly Holi.

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