How to Draw Human Brain | Step-By-Step Guide

The brain is like the machine of the body. It’s got hardware and apps, and it’s got memories. The brain is far more powerful than any computer, however-computers will inevitably run out of memory, but so far nobody has ever had a brain. Did you know that? The brain weighs about three pounds and usually requires more energy than any muscle in the body. The brain is a disc-shaped mass of soft nervous tissue covered by a bony case called Cranium. It is the nucleus of the human nervous system. It absorbs input in the form of electrical and signals, analyses and produces an effective signal to the muscles. The human brain is the greatest in size in comparison to the body relative to most species. It weighs around 1.5 kg of total oxygen and glucose in the body. Learn how to draw human brain in this article.

How to Draw Human Brain

It is so complex that even in 300 years, the odds are that it will remain a great enigma for mankind. Luckily, drawing a good looking brain isn’t as hard as the body itself! Let’s launch the tutorial right now! Will you want to draw your own brain? This is simpler than ever with the aid of this quick, step-by-step drawing guide. Everything you need is a pencil, a sheet of paper, and an eraser. You may also like to get coloured pencils, pencils, pencils, or paints that are useful to tint the finished painting. The human brain should be drawn from anything of an egg shape. The front of the brain should be narrow and the back should be wide as seen. Understand how to draw human brain below. Learn more about the human brain as well if you are interested.

What will you need:

  • Sharp pencil
  • Eraser
  • Paper

Let us get started on step by step how to the brain.

Step 1: Outline the brain

Draw roughly a very thin and light oval shape. Now draw curvy lines over it. Erase away the thin oval if seen. Just leave a little place on the bottom of the brain. Draw two vertical lines from here. With a horizontal line close this. Your outline of the brain should look something like below.

how to draw human brain step1

Step 2: Draw the cerebrum

This is the largest part of the brain. The cerebrum (front of the brain) is composed of the right and left hemispheres, which are joined together by the corpus callosum. Cerebral functions include action initiation, movement control, temperature, touch, vision, listening, thinking, thought, problem-solving, feelings, and learning. To draw this, draw random lines on the front portion of the brain drawn.

how to draw human brain step2

Step 3: Draw the cerebellum

The cerebellum, which is considered the “little brain,” is the structure of the central nervous system. It plays an important part in motor regulation, with cerebellar dysfunction frequently displaying motor symptoms. It is especially involved in the synchronisation, accuracy and timing of gestures, as well as in motor learning. To draw this, draw random lines on the centre portion of the brain drawn. This should now have covered the entire oval.

how to draw human brain step3

Step 4: Draw the brain stem

Brainstem, a region at the base of the brain that sits between the deep structures of the cerebral hemisphere and the cervical spinal cord and that plays a vital role in the regulation of many automatic acts of the body, including heartbeat and breathing. To draw this, draw random lines on the stem of the brain drawn.

how to draw human brain step4

Step 5: Shade

Now your human brain drawing is ready. It should look something like below. You can now outline the brain and the parts or darken them. Shade the brain stem.

how to draw human brain step5


When you are in high school, you will be required to start drawing organs for your biology records. Some of them are really easy to master, but some require technique. One such organ is the human brain. The human brain can get complicated to draw if not done correctly. But with some guidance, anyone can master this technique. All you need is some confidence. Sketching is an art not everyone has mastered. It takes a lot of patience, perseverance, and techniques. So, if you want to master sketching the Human brain Diagram Class 10, you need to start from the basics. The first and foremost thing required is interest and passion. This will help you walk through the art of drawing.

Only if you have lots of patience, passion, and confidence for what you do will you achieve the perfect Human brain Diagram Class 10. Follow each step carefully and don’t miss a step.

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