Here is How to Get PUC Certificate Online and Avoid Penalty

All vehicles working on Indian roads are expected to have a valid PUC or Pollution Under Control certificate. An automotive emissions certificate for motor vehicles, also known as a PUC Certificate or Pollution Under Control Certificate, serves as proof that the vehicle releases acceptable levels of pollution. The PUC certificate indicates that the vehicle is adhering to the standard rules established by the government of India to regulate pollution. If the smoke from the cars is not monitored, it has the ability to pollute the atmosphere. Since the PUC certificate is only valid for six months, any vehicle must be inspected twice a year. Here is how to get a PUC certificate online.

How to Get PUC Certificate Online

In the case of a new car, the manufacturer would automatically have pollution under control certificate (PUUC) with one-year validity. Are you curious about how to receive an emission permit for your current vehicle? Then you must take the steps outlined below:

  • Find a PUC centre near you. It could either be a petrol pump, a licensed auto emission testing centre or a standalone private emission testing centre.
  • Get your exhaust pipe scanned by the testing executive in order to determine the emission levels of your vehicle.
  • After paying the requisite fee, you will be provided with a vehicle pollution certificate with your test readings.

Only a few centres and RTOs will currently have a pollution certificate online. However, you can review the pollution certificate online, assess its validity, and make payment online using the online PUC certificate pariwahan sewa site.

How to Get PUC Certificate Online

How to check the status of PUC online

The government has now developed a dedicated online platform for PUC certification, known as ‘Parivahan Seva.’ This portal helps you to verify the age, authenticity, and other information of your vehicle online. Here’s how to get all of the necessary information:

Process 1: This process can be used to check your PUC certificate online and view validity and reading.

  • Step 1: Visit and click on the PUC certificate section
  • Step 2: Enter the required credentials which include registration number, last 5 digits of vehicle’s chassis number, and captcha code. Submit to view the information.

Process 2: In case you have applied for a new PUC centre to get your emission levels tested, you can check the status of your application with this process.

  • Step 1: Visit and click on the ­­­’application status’ section.
  • Step 2: Enter your application ID. Fill the captcha code and submit it to view the status of your application

Details mentioned on the PUC certificate:

  • Serial number of the certificate
  • The license plate number of the vehicle tested
  • Date of the test
  • Date of expiry of the Certificate
  • Test readings


Fees to get a Pollution Under Control certificate

The PUC certificate charges are determined by the fuel type of the car as well as the type of vehicle. The expense of a pollution certificate for a vehicle, a pollution certificate for a cycle, and a PUC certificate for a truck vary from Rs. 60 to Rs. 100.

Vehicle Pollution Certificate Validity

The pollution standards begin to vary as the car ages. As a result, the government has made it mandatory for property owners to have their emission levels reviewed on a daily basis and to receive a clear pollution certificate online or offline. The below are the requirements for the validity of a pollution certificate in India:

Validity of pollution certificate for new vehicles:

As previously mentioned, new vehicles arrive with a car PUC certificate that is valid for a year, after which it must be renewed in compliance with government guidelines.

Validity of pollution certificate for old vehicles:

The PUC certificate validity for old vehicles is 6 months. In the event of a negative reading, the validity period will be determined by the emission levels reported.

Fines for not having a PUC

According to the Motor Vehicles Act, in addition to carrying your vehicle’s registration card, insurance records, and a valid driving licence, you must also hold your vehicle’s emissions under a control certificate. Failure to do so would result in a citation under Section 190 (2) of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, and a hefty fine for not bringing an emission certificate on you.

For first-time offenders, failure to produce a compliant PUC certificate of vehicle results in an Rs. 1,000 fine. For future violations, a fine of Rs. 2,000 is levied for an expired emission permit.


Vehicle pollution control norms

The following are the permitted levels of carbon emissions based on vehicle type:

Vehicle Type% of Carbon MonoxideHydrocarbon measured in PPM
2 and 3 wheelers (2/4 – stroke) manufactured on or before 31st March 20004.59000
2 and 3 wheelers (2 – stroke) manufactured after 31st March 20003.56000
2 and 3 wheelers (4 – stroke) manufactured after 31st March 20003.54,500
4 wheelers manufactured according to Pre BS II Norms31,500
4 wheelers manufactured according to Pre BS II, Stage III or subsequent Norms0.5750


Simple automobile-related facilities are now much easier to receive due to advancements in technology. If you need your PUC certificate or to purchase car insurance online, you can do it all with the tap of a finger. Utilize this service to the fullest and defend yourself from harsh punishments! Hope you have found all the information required about How to Get PUC Certificate Online. You can find all such information about life education on our website. If you have any queries or questions, do let us know in the comment section below. We answer all the questions and provide information only after thorough research from trusted sources. Send this to your friends and family and let them know about How to Get Pollution Under Control Certificate Online.

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