How to Prepare UPSC Exam: Civil Service Exam Hacks 2019

During the beginning stage of the preparation of the civil service exam, each and every person will seem to be confused and everyone will have that question on How to prepare for the civil service exam? In order to assist you guys, we have compiled the best set of preparation for this exam. Because it is normal for every person to have queries when they start something new. If you need to succeed in the process you need to have the best guidance which will help you to guide through your preparation.


Coaching Institutes

When you are selecting coaching institutes which helps you to prepare better in the civil service exams, you need to be very careful in selecting the institutes. Because there is a numerous number of coaching institutes out there, which does not properly guide the student with the latest requirements needed for the exam. Even some of the coaching center has the poor choice of materials which will not help you in the civil service exams. Also, getting these kinds of wrong guidance will results in a lot of waste times as it will lead you to the failure of the exam. So you need to be extra careful when selecting the institutes by which you are going to prepare for the exams.

How to Prepare UPSC Exam

One of the important things you need to consider when you are preparing for the civil service exam is the exam pattern which will be very tougher during most of the times. So you always need to be prepared for the worst. In case if the exam is tougher and you are ready for that then it will be easier for you during the exam with both physically and mentally. Just check the success rate of the civil service exam then you will be aware of the reason why civil service exams are considered to be the toughest exams. So if you create the right strategy when you are preparing for the exams then you can be able to crack the exam very easily.

To prepare for Exam without Coaching

You might think that preparing for a civil service exam without the help of coaching is an impossible task. But in that case, you are wrong, because there are many individuals out there who qualified the exam without the help of any form of coaching. Even some of them had scored the top rank in the exams. This information shows that coaching is not an absolute necessity when preparing for the civil service exam. Many of the individuals go to coaching because of the scheduled timing which will enable us to prepare for the exam during that time so it won’t affect your regular life and study time. But this these things can be done by yourself with perfect planning and setting routing time for studying.

You don’t need to have the coaching for succeeding in the exam. All you need to do is managing your schedule and the determination these two things are enough to make you succeed in the exams. Another important reason that you can rely on them without the coaching process is that you will end up saving more of your resources and also your precious time. You also can spend the money on the best quality materials which you might waste on the coaching.

Things to do When you are Preparing Without Coaching

  • You need to manage your time efficiently by creating the perfect routine list which helps you to separate your study time.
  • Instead of studying all the things in the portion try to read only the important portions but try to be completely through in those selective portions.
  • Try to buy the best set of books that are available for the preparation. Also when you are studying take notes which can be used later.
  • This is the most important thing you have to do. Take tests in regular interval so that you can check your quality before the exam itself by the help of those tests you can prepare better by improving your mistakes.
  • Make a mind map like structure with your mind which will help your memory power to remember them best.
  • Catch a friend who is also preparing for the civil service exam and have a discussion with him about the important topics.

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To Prepare for Exams When Working

It is a crucial time for the preparation as you need to lead a double life by concentrating on the exams and the work at the same time. But with better time management techniques you can be easily able to break the barricades that are present in your path of success for the civil service exam.

Things to do When you are Preparing While Working

  • Make a study plan when you are free from your office work but make sure that you always stick to the plan
  • Find the colleagues who are also preparing for the civil service exam and utilize your extra time by discussing the contents of the exams with them.
  • Always choose the notes that are short but make sure they are the effective one for the preparations.
  • Use several memory techniques which will help you to speed up your learning process.
  • Try to practice for the exam very often in order to get better results.

To Prepare for Exams When Graduating

Starting early for the preparations of the exam is the best option which will create more awareness for you to succeed in the exam. But make sure it does not affect your graduation and college studies. Also, you have to be extra careful when managing time because you also need to create a separate schedule for college exams.

Things to do When you are Preparing While Graduating

  • Find each and every basic detail about the exams.
  • Make your college life and civil service preparation timing separate by creating a perfect schedule.
  • Follow the previous exam important question regularly.
  • Get through the logical reasoning process.
  • Take online test regularly so that you can identify where you need to improve your studies.

These are the best tips which will help you in the process of succeeding in your exams. We hope that you guys will excel the exams with the best ranking. Also, stop worrying about the toughness of the exam and start preparing without wasting your precious time. Share this article with your friends so that they can get a clear understanding of this topic. If you do have any question you are welcome to raise a query in the comment section below.

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