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Teaching is not a simple profession also teachers are not ordinary people. The future growth of a country depends on what they teach, what they produce, and what the influence. They have the huge responsibility called sculpting their students, it includes teaching discipline, responsibility, culture, socio-political economics, and the list may go on. But who are they and why are they influence our society? We are updated both technologically and economically, we have the internet and smartphones; google has more knowledge than our schools, we can learn whatever from the internet but still why importance of teachers in Life? Let’s catch up with the interesting facts.

Importance of Teachers in life

Needs of Teachers In Our Life

The answers to the above questions come under one word called experience. You can cultivate anything in a fertile empty land but teachers will help to cultivate good things. The parent will share their knowledge and experience with their kids but it has selfishness of educating their kids but teachers are someone different and their role is providing service. I guess your mind might think that they are getting paid for their service but money is just for survival.  you can buy a teacher but you can’t buy their lessons and knowledge.

There are many things that a teacher can think to their students, such things will not be available anywhere. Those are,

Importance of Interpersonal Skills

Motivation From Teachers

Approximately There maybe 30 to 40 students will be in a class, which means 30 to 40 minds. Some minds might be more active, some others will be less active. Here acts the role of a teacher, who can collectively guide them. They give motivation to the weak minds, also they help the students to adapt and work in a group.

A pep talk before a game by a coach is the greatest motivation that the team ever had, even the team has loopholes also even the players have less fitness. Demotivation can be happening to anyone, if our mind subconsciously starts believing that we can’t do work or a job or whatever it may be, we can do that. A guru, a teacher, a coach, or a master is the only person who can help you to overcome that.


There is a dialogue in an old Surya movie, the gap between self-confidence and overconfidence is just a thread; if you believe in yourself, it’s self-confidence. If you believe only you then it is overconfidence. A student will get overconfident in him when he achieves more, that part of that student’s life might cause him damage. Which can be identified only by experience.

It is an interesting story on a random article which I found about Mr. Rahul Dravid former Indian cricketer and the present Indian junior team coach. It happened a few years back while he coaching Mr. Sreyas who is the present Indian cricket team player. In those times he used to play extraordinarily, once in the junior test match he scored outstandingly even he tore apart the extraordinary spells of opponent bowlers.

After the fourth day of that match the coach Mr. Rahul spoke with Shreyas and he also said that not to strike all balls. There is a reason behind that, Shreyas had good techniques but if he under judges his opponent’s skill; he might lose his wicket.

A toper student doesn’t know these kinds of stuff but the teacher of that student might know that because of the experience.

Tips to Success

No teacher or guide will take you to success but they can give ideas. Because everyone has separate question papers that have no repetitive questions but a proper key at a proper time will open the lock called success. Its true teachers hold the key to success.

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Improving the Form

Form out can happen to anyone, many legends overcame that. Also, form out can happen in any field, it will be a hard time; nothing will work properly. It is hard to bounce back after the form out but it is possible. To get into the form you will need an expert’s presence and a lot more self-analysis. Those experts are your teachers, who can help us to analyze ourselves.

Opening our Perspective

We generally don’t like teachers, especially Maths and science teachers because their subjects are hard so they will not help us in out of a textbook. Everyone should have a Favorite teacher who teaches outside the textbook. I don’t know about you all but I had a teacher who found that I had a writing skill. Usually, those teachers used to take light subjects like language, history, or general knowledge. Trust me they know more about you than any other teacher because they are spending time with you when you feel to explore. Remember them and analyze what they said to you. You might open up with something.

Punishments and Mistakes by Teachers

We hate teachers for their punishments some are brutal but some are acceptable. Don’t think about the teacher who gave you brutal punishment also brutal punishments are criminal offenses so let’s stay out of that. Where am I? Yep! Acceptable punishments, Dr. Udayakumar is an NCC Master in Chennai he asks to run the ground for 1 time with a rifle on their shoulders when they commit a mistake. It will sound like the military rule but he used to say you have to remember your mistakes, which helps to avoid redoing the same mistake. Also, running gives fitness, that is acceptable right?

What is the Importance of Value Education

Feedbacks – Importance of Teachers in life

When you commit a mistake, you have to realize that first. Sometimes you can’t accept, your parents also may fail to realize it as a mistake so you need someone who stands in the middle also who can give you feedback, those people are will be the teachers.

We have studied in schools and colleges but we never used to thank our teachers for what they did. Many of us hard memories with them, few people may even have a fight with their teachers after getting the hall ticket after final class but we have to thank them. If you are a student when you read this just say thanks to them at least from the mouth.

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