What is the Importance of women education?

Is education for women important? It is sad that even in the 21st century we are subjected to such questions. We must remember that if one woman is uneducated, half the population stays uneducated. Education is a basic fundamental right of every human, irrespective of their gender. Just the fact that a part of the population still asks what the importance of women education is in a male-dominated society, makes a lot of women feel low and sick. According to UNICEF, education for girls is a lifeline to development. It is the most critical area of empowerment. Offering education is a way of given power to everyone. Educated women are more capable to bring about a positive change in society and for the betterment of the nation.

Importance of women education

Educating women has both an immediate effect as well as a long-lasting impact. On the short term, she will make life better for herself. On the long term, she will make society better. But unfortunately, due to the discrimination that still exists in our country, women are either not allowed to study, or made to stop education at an early age. Therefore, we have put together this article for all those who question the Importance of women education. May it be man or woman, if you oppose a women education, you are stopping the next seven generations from education. Keeping that in mind, let us see why it is important for girls to study.

Importance of women education

Why should women be educated?

1. Her Basic Right

We don’t even understand why we have to explain this point. Education is a basic human right and when we say this, we need to remember that women are human too. Let us see it this way. 50% of the population is women. If women are not education, more than 50% of the population will be undereducated/ uneducated. This is a huge loss to us as a society. Education for women is considered a luxury, but it is not. It is just her basic right.


2. Bring Equality in Society

Inequality has been set into our roots. We have to combat that. This has been set in our minds from a very young age and that is most boys and girls feel that inequality is a way of life. But that does not make it right. The boys start feeling superior and the girls just accept their fate with no logical reason whatsoever. And then later in life, everyone fights for equality. To promote equality, women must be educated along with the men. This makes them feel equal from a young age and that is how they grow.

3. Boosts Confidence

Educating a person makes them independent. It provides an individual with the skills to make them capable of making a livelihood. When a woman is educated, she will be confident and strong enough to earn a living when such a situation occurs. It helps them realise their worth and value in society. Once they know they can earn for themselves and support a family, they feel more confident in what they do. That is why it is important for a woman to be educated.

4. Promotes Development of Nation

When women are educated, they grow. This helps the nation grow. Women can contribute to every sector. This will make each sector and each industry to allow women to work. With the expertise of both men and women, each sector will develop. This contributes to the GDP of the country. If women are undereducated, they will not be able to contribute much to the nation. This will be a huge loss. This is one of the long term and long-lasting Importance of women education.

5. Less Malnourished Children

An educated lady understands healthcare and nutrition. She will feed children healthy food and notice the signs of malnourishment. In India, almost 45% of children death below the age of five is due to malnourishment. If an educated woman suspects a sign of malnutrition, she will immediately take action. A young child needs adequate nutrition to develop a fully functional brain.


6. Invests in Future

Women who are educated understand the importance of savings and investment. She invests her learning and earning in her family. Her education also impacts how she treats her family and raises her children. Educated women understand the importance of education and hence are more likely to send their kids to school. This way the cycle of education will keep continuing. So, every generation will be educated and will contribute to the growth of the country.

Welfare Schemes for Importance of women education

Keeping women education in mind, a lot of schemes have been made. These concentrate on various sectors to educate women. The schemes are as below:

1. Mahila Samakhya Programme

A new education policy was crafted in 1968. Following this, a program by the name of Mahila Samakhya Programme was launched in 1988. Ever since, the officials of the program work towards the empowerment of rural women who belong to the socio-economical weaker section. They provide them with education and motivate them to let young girls go to school.

2. Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya Scheme (KGBV)

This scheme is basically for those who live in rural areas where the literacy level of women is low. Primary education is provided to girls in this region through this scheme.


3. National Program for Education of Girls at Elementary Level (NPEGEL)

This program is for all those girls who are not covered by the SSA. Such girls can get an education facility under this program.

4. Saakshar Bharat Mission for Female Literacy

This is a mission that was launched to reduce the female illiteracy rate in India. The officials focus on educating girls which will in turn help to reduce the illiteracy rate in India.

Apart from these schemes, there are free uniforms, books and midday meals for girls. We urge more girls and women to take up the initiative and make use of these schemes. It will help them grow.

There is still a lot of development that needs to take place in the sector of Women education. When everyone understands the Importance of women education, the world will be safer and better for all the girls and women.

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