Privacy Policy is a site which is committed in the process of securing the User’s data and privacy in order to give our users a better experience when using our site. We are very careful to protect the user’s data so that they have a good experience with us. The user’s information we have is only used for the purposes that are mentioned below. If it is required the privacy policies that are mention below might change from time to time. But we will make sure that you know about the recent changes in the privacy policies.

Information About Our Users

Normally we gather information from the users like where are they from and what service they used mostly like this information. With the help of this information, we will know about what is our user’s expectations and what is the information they desired to know about. So that we can be able to get know what are the things that our users expect from us. Later we will be able to provide the details about the things they like to know.

Details About You

During sometimes we ask the users to sign up with us. In that time we will ask for more details about you like your name, mail id, phone number, and post number. We will use this data to contact you when we have any new services that you might be interested in. So if you are looking forward to getting these updates from time to time then you are most welcome to sign up with us. Also if you are not interested in those services later you can unsubscribe
from us at any time.

General Information About you

The information related to your visits from our sites will not be shared with any others. Also, your information like mail id and your other personal details which you provide us during the registration process will be safe with and we won’t disclose them with any other individuals. Moreover, when you are doing the registration process we will only share that information with our sponsors. So that you can also get information regarding the services of our partners.
In those times if any of your information third party receives we are not accountable for that.

Usage of Your Information

We only use your information to increase the site experience you have with us by introducing about the topics that you are interested in. Also, we will send you a mail regarding our recent updates that you might be interested in.

Privacy Policy

Privacy Changes

The above mentioned all privacy policies may or may not be subject to change in the future. We can change them at any time as we wish. But when we change the privacy policy we will make sure to change those policies and update them on our website also so you also will be aware of those changes. Checking our privacy policy changes is up to your responsibilities. if anything not comfortable for you, then you can leave our site immediately.

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