Summer Courses for Students : Top 10 Best summer courses 2020

A child’s brain is capable of taking in more information than that of a grown human. So make use of this fact. Children have stronger grasping power. You can teach them anything at an earlier stage and they will grasp it. They grow up with such information in mind. So a child can learn as many things as possible, only to grow up to be a more successful person. Generally, during school, students have to concentrate on their studies, tuitions, etc. They do not have much time to work on other courses. But during summer breaks, they can take up these courses. There are a lot of Summer courses for students in 2020. Also, because of the ongoing pandemic, the time has extended. Which means there is more time to learn new things. Take advantage and upskill.

Summer Courses for Students

Summer Courses for Students

Make sure you do not force children. Their childhood is supposed to be fun. So even though you want them to learn new things, make sure to give them their free playtime so that they don’t feel pressurized. Ask them what they want to learn, understand their interests. Accordingly, you can select some summer courses for students. Also, do not make them learn too much at once. Spend time with them. If not, they might grow to feel they did not have a good childhood.

Before selecting a summer course for students, you have to first understand their interests. Also, do not try to force them into educational courses only. Let them learn how to swim, dance, sing, paint and whatnot. Explore their talents and interest. The list of summer courses for students given below is not just limited to these, but these are some of the hand-picked ones. So let us check out some of the best summer courses for students in 2020.

1. Computer Programming Courses

Today, every student knows how to use a computer. It is one of the mandatory subjects in schools. And with the new education policy, coding is going to be taught to students from their 6th standard. Coding can help pave paths to many job prospects. But computer courses are not just limited to coding and languages. There are many more courses students can do. Some of these include tally, auto CAD, photoshop and animation.

With the growth in technology, learning computer coding and other software is always a good option, It can help you in all aspects of life. Almost every field, every industry requires candidates with computer knowledge. Be it graphic designer, animation, engineer, etc. So this is one of the best summer courses for students subject to their interest.

2. Physics Workshop

Many private institutions like LMES conduct physics workshops during summer breaks. Here, students can learn many physics-related concepts like robotics, electrical and communication devices. This will also help students work on live projects. This will help them understand how many things work. This can be interested because kids are very intuitive about the working of certain things. With the help of live examples, they can learn the concepts and enjoy at the same time. So if your kids are very interrogative about things, a physics workshop can excite them.

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3. Student Scientist Program

Many organizations like ISRO, ONGC, and NLC conduct student scientist program. This helps the children to take active participation in scientific ideas, research and technology. It makes them feel responsible and an active participant in the development of the country. When a child participates in these programs, they get into details. And will work all their life understanding various scientific concepts. Another advantage is, they can connect to various industry experts from a young age. They get guidance from talented scientists who are ready to help them. Student scientist program helps the children understand the field in detail so that they can make a career choice accordingly.

4. Additional Language Courses

Learning new languages is always beneficial. It allows the students to aim for education or career in foreign countries where language can be a barrier. It also opens doors for many job prospects like translators who are always in high demand. Even otherwise, how would you feel when your child can speak multiple languages? There are many language expert institutions that teach multiple languages like English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, etc. Just make sure to not force all the languages on your child at once. At the early stages of childhood, children can learn languages easily.

5. Physical Training Courses

Today most of the mid-school kids do this in their summer holidays. Physical training is nothing but swimming and horse riding. It gives physical fitness and confidence in their minds. Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise. Horse riding is one of the mandatory things to know and it helps in some critical situations. Life gives some deadly problems, if your kid knows swimming and horse riding then he or she can become a super survivor.

6. Yoga

One way to let your children learn something new without the use of books is yoga. It is something they can enjoy in their vacations. They can also relieve stress. After the entire year’s academic stress. children just want to relax. Both mentally and physically. With yoga, you can be sure the child is not in front of the screen all day. They exercise, which will strengthen their immunity and keep them fit. Yoga is also very refreshing. And once started from a young age, the child would want to keep continuing it. So it just becomes a part of their daily routine. This will keep them active even in their teen and adulthood. Learning yoga from a young age can also help make way to many career options.

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7. Sports

All children love to play. With so many sports, children have a vast option to select from. This is another easy way to induce the habit of exercise in them. Children who play outdoors are less likely to suffer from obesity and other health issues. They have many options to select from like cricket, football, skating, swimming, badminton, tennis, hockey, etc. So if your kid wants to do a fun summer course, sports can be a good option.

8. Dance Classes

A lot of dance studios have summer batches. These are generally for the students interested in dancing, but not having much time. Though anyone can join these classes. If you and your children want to relax during summer breaks and learn something creative and fun, dance is a go-to option. Dance in itself has a degree. There are many forms of dance, like Indian folk, Indian classical, western, contemporary, hip hop, freestyle, Bollywood, fusion, etc. So you will never go out of options. You can spend all your life learning dance. If you are not sure if dancing is your passion or not, attend one summer dancing. This will help you enjoy your summer break and also understand where your interest lies.

9. Singing

Another of the most favourite art forms, a lot of parents want their children to sing. It is very common for Indian parents to ask their children to sing in front of guests. So why not make them learn music. They can start to sing from a very young age. And grow up to be good singers. There are many forms of singing as well like gospel, Carnatic, hip hop, etc.

10. Musical instruments

There are many musical instruments available. Learning to play a new art form can always be fun. It also lets students know about different historic instruments. Many institutions conduct summer courses for students. Some of the musical instruments are guitar, keyword, piano, drum, flute, trumpet, table, mouth organ, etc. So find what your child is interested in.

This was a list of some of the best summer courses for students in 2020. This list can keep going on. Children can also learn martial arts, painting, art and crafts, and other performing arts. Hope this list has been helpful for you to choose a summer course for your students and children.

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