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Group Discussion is a method used by companies to understand a candidate’s communication skills. Small groups of candidates are formed and a topic is given to discuss. The candidates must discuss the topic among themselves. There will be an interviewer or set of panellist seated. They shortlist candidates based on the discussion. This is generally conducted before the face-to-face interview to eliminate candidates. Hence, we are here with the best Tips For Group Discussion.

Tips For Group Discussion

Tips For Group Discussion

You need to be attentive and participate in the GD to get selected. But a lot of candidates make mistakes due to anxiety or stress. So we have brought to you the very basic tip that you must remember while appearing for a group discussion. If you follow these tips, you will be able to get closer to being selected. So let us have a look at these tips without wasting any time.

1. Body Language

The first impression you make in a group discussion is by your body language, so pay attention to it. Sit up straight and look at everyone in the eye but do not stare. Look at the person speaking and nod. Listen to them attentively. While making your points, look at every one. Do not, and I repeat, do not fiddle with your pen, make noises against the desk or state blankly at a wall when someone is talking. Even if you have to pretend, make sure you show interest in what they have to contribute.

2. Be polite with fellow speakers

One of the qualities the recruiters are looking for is a team player. Be polite throughout the discussion. Do not use negative words like “You are wrong”, “I disagree”, etc. You can use other words like “Looking at it from a different perspective”. This not just shows your positive personality but also shows that you respect your team and have a good team spirit. Talk in business English and make sure to thank your recruiters before leaving.

3. Add good points

It is not enough to contribute to the discussion once and stay silent for the rest of the time. While making sure you give time to others to speak, you must also keep adding points to the discussion. But do not speak just for the sake of it. Make sure all your points are valid and new. Do not repeat previous statements or points contributed by others.

4. Keep calm

You might find candidates who scream their points out. You might even have to face situations where someone else states the point you have been wanting to say. Or everyone else’s points may be contradicting yours. Do not panic in such situations. The panellists see how you react to situations. Keep yourself composed. Stick to your views and sound confident.

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5. Do not be afraid to start

If you have an idea about the topic being discussed, you will probably have a few good points to contribute. To make them more impactful, you can start the conversation. This way you will be able to lead the discussion towards your point of views. Starting well can help a lot. Make sure to start only if you have something to say about the topic. However, if you are unsure about the topic, let someone else start. This way you will get a clear idea about the topic.

6. Use examples and stats

When stating a fact, make use of examples. This will make your points even stronger. The recruiters are not just looking at the way you deliver your statements, but also the value it brings to the discussion. Using statistics and examples to support your statement brings great value to the conversation. This will also help everyone know the truth about your points. But for this, you must be aware of common group discussion topics. Read on a daily basis about various topics.

7. Note down the names of all participants

This is one of the best Tips For Group Discussion. Addressing a participant while communicating is always advisable. You can use phrases like “Adding on to what ABC said” or “In contradiction to the point made by XYZ” for instance. This will show that you have been actively listening to the entire discussion and making note of the points contributed by each participant. The recruiter will definitely look at this with a positive attitude. Therefore, this tip can help you show your team spirit.

8. Control your emotions

There might be situations where someone might oppose you. They may even point out that made a wrong statement. But do not get angry. Talking too loud can show you have anger issues. Expressing too much of any emotion is not advised. Even if you are happy, do not laugh out loud or jump in excitement. Stay calm and composed. Stick to your points and talk to everyone politely.

9. Avoid irrelevant talk

It is okay to have a conversation with the other participants. But do not deviate from the topic. Stick to the topic and have discussions only around it. You can try to sound friendly but making sure you are still formal. It is a very difficult combination and that is formal alk is advised. Just because you want to speak more, do not add irrelevant points that do not bring value to the discussion.

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Skills Required for Group Discussion

While in a Group Discussion, just stating points is not enough. You need to also display other skills. The topics given to you will be in a way that you will be able to display these skills if you are smart enough. Knowing the skills the recruiters look for can help you showcase them. These skills when put together with the Tips For Group Discussion, can really help to get shortlisted. So here are a few skills that you can enhance before a GD.

  • Good communication skills
  • Good Listening skills
  • Open-mindedness
  • Time management
  • Presentation skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Decision-making skills
  • Subject knowledge
  • Analysis skill
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Creativity
  • Attitude
  • Confidence

In conclusion, These were some of the best Tips For Group Discussion. If you follow these, you will get a step closer to getting your dream job by acing the interview. For more information on group discussions, you can refer to this article.

We hope these tips for group discussion helps you. In case of any queries, reach out to us in the comment section below. We will get back to you and provide all details that you require.

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