What Are The Toughest Exams in the World?

No matter what your acknowledgment of success or your line of work is, you will be faced with some difficult exams in your education and career. If you’re aiming for a hard-line career, you’ll definitely need to break strictly comprehensive tests to test your mastery of the skills and intelligence you’re going to need in the trade. Exams are no less than a living nightmare for any single student. Did you know that there are few tests that are considered to be the toughest exams in the world? The competition to be accepted to some of the world’s most prestigious universities or to obtain good employment is fierce. As the world’s population continues to increase, competition has also increased. If you want to write any competitive exam, you are always worried about its difficulty level. Therefore, we are listing some of the toughest exams in the world here.

Toughest exams in the world

Countries around the world tend to distinguish the cream of the crop from the rest of the pack. As a result, they have introduced distinct steps to determine potential in a number of fields. In addition, the organisers of these tests judge the applicants not by the normal criteria, but by genuinely creative and inventive ways that improve competition. This make it more difficult for the applicant to pass the test. It’s a difficult job to break every test. Specifically, when it comes to challenging exams that happen to be all-encompassing, the level of resilience can certainly be magnified many times. Here’s a list of some of the toughest exams in the world that just require some great intellect to crack them.

Toughest exams in the world

15. Gaokao

Gaokao is a college entrance exam in China. It is renowned for being one of the hardest exams in the world. Due to its difficulty level, some European and American universities have also begun to accept Gaokao ratings. In the 2013 Gaokao test, candidates were asked to write an essay about how Edison might have responded to the advent of cell phones by teleporting to the 21st century.

14. IIT – JEE – Indian Institute of Technology Joint Entrance Examination

As an entrance exam for engineering courses at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), the JEE is a test that most definitely breathes the sense of the term ‘tough.’ For JEE, about 10 lakh applicants enrolled in 2019 and only 13,376 seats were available in the IITs. Acceptance rates are below a meagre 1%. Adding to all this, the giant syllabus and the unpredictability of JEE questions gives you the right blueprint for one of the hardest exams in India and the planet. Candidates for the test will even get a hold of the Siemens Scholarship, which will finance your Bachelor of Engineering degree.

13. UPSC – Union Public Services Commission

The Indian Government is undertaking a UPSC audit to fill vacancies in different departments, such as the Indian Administrative Service, the Indian Foreign Service, the Indian Revenue Service, etc. It is made up of three impassable stages. The first stage is called Prelims, and consists of two general objective articles. Skilled applicants appear at the latter highly challenging stage of the Mains test, which has a total of seven subjective articles. Many that have successfully cleared the second stage then go on to an interview round with a panel that measures attitude, knowledge and reasoning.

12. Mensa

Of the oldest firms in the world, Mensa is a high intelligence IQ corporation whose founders have a higher IQ than the 98th percentile, i.e. the top 2% of the world. Mensa has a renowned presence in nearly every country across the globe. The IQ test conducted by society is a highly challenging test that analyses one’s intellect on the parameters of reasoning, problem-solving and logic.


11. GRE – Graduate Record Examination

Mostly administered to check the qualifications of applicants applying to study abroad, the GRE test has a great deal of significance in the lives of those pursuing a foreign degree. It is primarily performed for Master’s and PhD programmes at universities abroad. As the exam is commonly embraced through numerous U.S. universities, thousands of students are studying and sitting for this specific examination, making it a difficult nut to crack.

10. CFA – Chartered Financial Analysts

The Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) is said to be the world’s most challenging and harsh finance test. Every year, over 1,000,000 candidates are seeking to break CFA in more than 100 countries. Consisting of three stages, it is structured to test finance practitioners on the required financial resources and techniques. Each standard requires a complicated six-hour review consisting of 240 questions. Once all three stages have been cleared, the applicant must then obtain 48 months of professional experience in order to apply for the CFA Charter by clearing CFA Level 1, CFA Level 2 and CFA Level 3.

9. CCIE – Cisco Certified Internetworking Expert

Cisco Accredited Internetworking Specialist is one of the world’s hardest tests given by Cisco Systems to recruit networking experts. The test is divided into 6 sections and is performed in two steps. Applicants that clear the first phase will appear for the second phase. The second stage test is 8 hours in length and barely 1% of the total number of applicants is able to pass it. CCIE certification is considered to be the most coveted certification in the entire networking industry, but it is not a straightforward feat to qualify.

8. GATE – Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering, India

GATE is a national online review of the principles of Architecture, Mathematics, Science and General Aptitude for admission to master’s degree courses in India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Ethiopia and the United Arab Emirates. Prestigious Indian universities that embrace GATE vary from the IITs and IISCs to the IIMs (for fellowship programmes). Few colleges in Germany and Singapore also take into account GATE scores for scholarship opportunities. This single paper consists of both MCQs and numerical queries.


7. LNAT – Law National Aptitude Test

The Law National Aptitude Test, originally administered by the University of Oxford, is an entry test for students eligible to pursue law at the school. Yet it has now become one of the leading rule examinations in the United Kingdom. The exam is currently being administered by numerous UK-based colleges. It is being conducted in more than 100 centres around the world. The analysis lets you understand whether the law is the best profession for you and universities to verify whether you have what it takes to excel in this area.

6. UMSLE – The United States Medical Licensing Examination

Students preparing to practise medicine in the United States must undergo a tough review, popularly known as the USMLE. This exam is sponsored by the National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME) and the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB). This 3-step test assesses the capacity of a practitioner to incorporate principle and experience in order to ensure healthy and efficient medical treatment. Upon completion of the test, applicants are given an approved licence to engage in different medical and medical procedures.

5. CA – Chartered Accountant

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) conducts the CA exam. The exam is divided into three levels: CA Foundation, Intermediate (IPCC) and Final. Most students also start applying for CA after graduation to get a head start in the preparation process. The initial stage may seem bearable to the candidates, but the last section, i.e. CA Final, is the most difficult step to crack. Being one of the hardest tests, students struggle to clear the last paper in one go! You should also read our blog on how to become a Chartered Accountant.

4. California Bar Exam

The State of California holds a prestigious California Bar Test to select graduates who will be accepted to the Bar Society. Since LSAT is an essential prerequisite, the examination is carried out twice a year in February and July. The passing score of 144 is the second highest in all the States of America. Almost 60 per cent of the test runners failed to clear the exam in 2018. In addition, the State of California seeks to reduce the complexity of this three-day test by offering improved metrics for lowering the cut-off grade.

3. All Souls Prize Fellowship Exam

The Oxford University’s All Souls Award Fellowship Exam is a historic examination that has been conducted for decades. He’s one of the top contenders on our list of the toughest exams in the world. Only one or two of the eighty candidates are selected each year for a 7-year fellowship at the institution. Every nominee is asked to write four essays on two general and two particular subjects. Usually, the overall time available is 3 hours for each thesis in which questions from different humanities fields are generally asked.


2. IES – Indian Engineering Services

Indian Engineering Services is one of the leading UPSC exams conducted to recruit engineers from various government departments across the country. The IES exam is common among students of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering and Civil Engineering in India. The rigorous approach of evaluating candidates to check if they can do the job correctly makes IES a worthy candidate on the list of the toughest exams in the world.

1. Master Sommelier Diploma Exam

Climbing at the zenith of the world’s toughest exams, the Master Sommeliers’ Court (CMS) conducts the Master Sommelier Diploma Exam to encourage improved standards of sommelier beverage service, particularly in wine and food pairing. There are three components to be tested, i.e. theory, service and blind tasting. If a typical applicant should have cleared this particular test in the 5th or 6th try, at least 3 attempts must have been made by the specialist to pass this wine tasting test. In the last step, applicants must ensure that they know the exact year, date and area in which the wine was produced. This makes it the most demanding wine test in the world.

The vast majority of applicants experience genuine difficulties in preparing for any of the examinations referred to above. Without a doubt, these are some of the toughest exams in the world. This is because they are intricately designed with a higher level of difficulty. These exams are obviously not a piece of cake for any human. We congratulate all those who have tried these assessments at some point in their lives. Many who have passed these exams constitute the most academically advanced individuals in the country.

Hope you have found all the information required about the Toughest exams in the world. You can find all such information about life education on our website. If you have any queries or questions, do let us know in the comment section below. We answer to all the questions and provide information only after thorough research from trusted sources. Send this to your friends and family and let them know about the Toughest exams in the world.

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